SDS Maritime offers several types of courses so that you and your crew are prepared for all kinds of sea conditions.

Safety at sea is not about having the right equipment, but knowing how and when to use it. SDS Maritime educate resellers and end-users.

Who is it for

Yacht clubs, sailing clubs, community sailing centers, boat shows ++

Some of our topics

Personal Safety Gear, Emergency Communication (Radio, AIS, GMDSS, Satcom), Search and Rescue, Crew Overboard Rescue (MOB)


We do tailored classes, but everything from 1-4 hours

Please contact our master class teacher Simen Lovgren sl @


Requirements and checklist for World Sailing – Offshore Special Regulations, Category 3

Based on the latest revision of January 2020

Here is an excerpt of the requirements that are currently set for participation in international regattas subject to World Sailing OSR Category 3. The list of requirements has been prepared for and is part of the compendium for the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (Redningsselskapet) World Sailing Safety Course.

The same definition should at least form the basis for safe sailing in waters off the coast in addition to bluewater sailing.

You will find the same requirements list in both Norwegian and English language

More about how the solutions work and what to know about usage

In this presentation we will show you more about how the safety solutions from SDS Maritime work, and what to know about usage.

Safety training – A short brief

A basic safety training for all kind of boaters and explorers – from SDS Maritime. Based on this presentation we can do tailored classes, but everything from 1-4 hours.

Please contact our master class teacher Simen Lovgren sl @